BJones Sights now has a new line of glasses...TYPE-2

The BJones TYPE-2 Wire-Frame Glasses are designed to place the corrective lens directly in front of the aiming eye. The metal frame can be bent to "Tilt""Twist"or "Cant" to align the optical lens in the best place to afford the shooter the best possible corrected vision. No more looking through the "Edge" of the glasses frame. The "Sweet-Spot" of the shooter's correction will now be "Centered" in front of your eye.

BJONES TYPE-2 GLASSES are available for Left or Right handed shooters.
Please select the Model and Size below. $50.00each W/Hard Case

The distance between the eye-pupils is of little importance to a shooter. You will likely not be using the lenses as a matched pair.... rather, you will see the sight picture with one and either the scope image or sight scale with the other. Check the temples of your current glasses frame.The size numbers usually look like this: 50/19 145(small) ........ 50/19 165(large).

Email BJones For Details.

The Photos below demonstrate the fit and look of the BJones Glasses. The frames are shipped with this style Medium Grey lenses and metal box.

Photos Courtesy of Erica Angel

Unlike some of the adjustable frames currently being used, the BJones Glasses TYPE-2 frame will not "Slip n' Slide" during recoil. The desire is to have the glasses fitted to suit your needs and never need to be re-adjusted. Minor "Bending" will be necessary to set the "Tilt""Twist"or "Cant" to suit your position. Remember, shooters never stand erect and look straight ahead. The head is almost always tilted down, the neck is twisted to the side.

The lenses are 45mm diameter and round so that you can "Dial" or "Clock" your astigmatism to suit your position and the angle to the sight alignment needed to attain the best sight picture possible. I have made arrangements to have your prescription ground onto a lens for the aiming eye at $30.00 each. The lenses will be plastic and available in different colors.
I suggest a distance/astigmatism (SPHERE & AXIS) prescription lens for your aiming eye ONLY...! This way the shooter can still see downrange for safety and flag reading. I have used a similar pair of glasses for over 5 years without troubles, but your experience may differ.

The frames are very light weight, therefore, they will likely not tollerate continuous bending. Set-em and forget-em. 

            These glasses are Light Weight, Fit snugly, and Maintain your Sight Picture.
The metal frame material is limited to the number of times it can be bent.
Before you attempt any additional "Bending and Fitting"

             Try your new BJones Glasses by first looking in the mirror to SEE How they Fit.
The Righthanded glasses should look and fit like the photo below.

If the glasses fit similar to the photo, you should next test the glasses while wearing
All your shooting equipment. There is no real substitute for testing new equipment....!
Have a pair of pointed (Needle-nose) pliers handy. Cautiously bend the nose-pads in the
desired direction with slow and small increments.

Using your fingers as a tool is not recommended!!
Once you are satisfied that the glasses frame is close to what you need,
you then remove your equipment and rotate the lens to the desired spot.
Note the "Aiming Eye" Lens attaching screw is extra long...and has 
been left loose, intentionally. Carefully rotate the lens to find your "Sweet-Spot" of

your prescription
. There is a mark on your lens at 3:00 and 12:00. OR use the bifocal line as a

guidline. This is to reference the direction you have rotated the lens. You can
evaluate the best spot for your vision by looking at a small object at any
 distance beyond 10 feet and an object like a pencil at arm's length.
When you are satisfied with the lens position, tighten the extra-long Temple screw.
After you are sure the lens has been tested at the Range and it is clocked correctly,
I suggest you place a speck of glue or nail polish on the exposed threads
of the Gold screw.This is to reduce the possibility that the screw will loosen.

They are available "Pre-Bent" to suit the shooter's basic needs or can be delivered just the shape of a normal use glasses frame. Instructions on correct bending/shaping will be sent with all frames.